Shinobu Kishida : Japanese Guide/Media Coordinator in Ireland

Introducing my neighbourhood in South suburban Dublin, Ireland.

a view from Killiney Hill
A View from Killiney Hill (about 15km south-east of Dublin city centre) towards south
Killiney Hill Park walkway Killiney Hill Park walkway
Killiney Hill Park is very popular among casual hill walkers and families.
There is a lovely small cafe near the main gate.
exterior, cafe near the main gate of the Killiney Hill interior, cafe near the main gate of the Killiney Hill
Inside it's so small, the tables & chairs are on the outside only.
interior (left) of the cafe, Killiney Hill interior (right) of the cafe, Killiney Hill

Killiney Hill to the South by telephoto zoom. (below)
DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) Killiney station & Killiney beach
Killiney Hill to the beach and DART station
Take the road along the railway to the north somewhere are the house of Bono and a castle owned by Enya.

From near the top of Killiney Hill to the north, Dublin city, Dublin bay, Dun Laoghaire port
Killiney Hill to Dublin city Killiney Hill to Dublin bay Killiney Hill to Dun Laoghaire port Killiney Hill to Dun Laoghaire bay

North East side of Killiney Hill is a popular residential resort since 18th century, said to have been warm as Italy
Killiney Hill to Sorrent Terrace, Dalkey Islands
(below left) two of the south-facing Sorrento Terrace are owned by Neil Jordan   (below right) Enya castle
Sorrento Terrace   Enya castle

DART train, between White Rock beach & Vico Road   the alst bit of staircase to White Rock beach
Down the walkway from the road down Killiney Hill to Sorrento Terrace is called "White Rock" beach
suitable for swimming (below)
White Rock beach

White Rock beach to Sorrento Terrace   White Rock beach, Sugar Loaf beyond

Killiney is only half an hour away from Dublin city centre by DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit).
Dalkey, one stop before Killiney is close too, and its village is charming. Taste the real Ireland!

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Shinobu Kishida : long-term resident in Ireland,
the Emerald Isle on the Western edge of Europe.
Originally from Uwajima, Ehime prefecture of Japan,
I am the first Japanese-speaking tour guide in Ireland
with official approval from Failte Ireland, the Irish Tourist Board.

Contact by email: (please copy & paste)
or Mobile phone: +353 86 8581636

Things I Do indlude : National tour guide in Ireland . . . Driver/guide . . . Travel planning advice and assistance . . . Golf attend and assistance . . . Guide to horse-racing and dog races . . . Tour of Irish gardens . . . Pilgrimage tour . . . Gourmet tour and cookery courses visits . . . Irish pub crawl attend . . . Interpreter . . . Coordinator for Japanese magazines . . . Research and coordinate for TV and film . . . Assistance for Japanese students in Ireland . . . Home English lessons . . . Home stay arrangements . . . Lodge & Tour holiday in Ireland . . .

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